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Redundant Redundant Films

Redundant Redundant Films is an independent Canadian film and television production company committed to producing some funny stuff.

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Carrie Wheeler - Producer


Carrie Wheeler is a talent agent and producer based in Vancouver, Canada with 2 decades of experience in the fashion and film industries.

Carrie has produced short and feature films, web series, theatre and a new media magazine & lifestyle series.

Carrie sits on the Board of Directors for CineVic Society of Independent Filmmakers in British Columbia.

Jaman Lloyd - Writer/Director


Jaman Lloyd is a Canadian writer & director who majored in History and Dramaturgy at the University of British Columbia.

Jaman has written and directed award winning short films, a feature film and multiple new media tv series.

Jaman’s quick wit and clever quips were cultivated through one course of the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Sketch Comedy Writing Program. 

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