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John Bullett -- mistaken for a child prodigy, its taken him over two decades to graduate from Harvard Law. Now, as a neophyte lawyer in Seattle, he's in over his head as a junior associate at the city's largest and most cutthroat firm.

After his firm sets him up as a patsy to lose a high-profile tort case, he's forced to team up with the lawyer who beat him to vindicate himself and prove his potential as the city's next top hotshot lawyer.

John Gunn -- a disgraced lawyer, disbarred for the crime of jury tampering. Unable to prove his innocence, the once respected and famous Gunn, known popularly throughout Seattle as the "Limo Lawyer," has become a street hustler, scamming a living off of unsuspecting plaintiffs. When a mafia family offers him a chance to reclaim his reputation in exchange for representing their company in a massive tort case, Gunn makes a deal with the devil.

After winning the case against the helplessly overmatched John Bullett, he is now the crime family's liability. On the run for his life, the only ally he can turn to is the dogged John Bullett.

Together, they'll have to put aside their rivalries to take on merciless crime syndicates, a sadistic justice system and the unyielding, brutal world of high-stakes litigation.

Together, they'll have to use every bit of their determination, grit, law-knowledge and street smarts to clear their names and get justice for the victims.

Together, they're known as: The Two Johnnies!

Or, uh, how 'bout: Bullett & Gunn: Attorneys at Law.

Yeah, that's better.

Each season of "Bullett & Gunn" takes on another life and death, world-shaking case with slick and silly irreverence.

Their cases will see them battle greedy corporations that are poisoning groundwater, defending a teenager with multiple personalties who may be a cop-killer, investigating a series of murders on an Army base to defending a charming serial killer.

Satirizing lawyer TV shows and movies from The Firm and Primal Fear to Suits and Damages, "Bullett & Gunn" goes places other law shows won't. It's a black humour take on important real-world issues.


Television Series Production

Created by: Jaman Lloyd

10 x 1 Hour

Pilot episode written

Season 1 Bible

A buddy-comedy about two rival lawyers who have to team up to take down their corrupt bosses and win the largest personal injury case in Seattle's history.

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