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G.I.P.I.: Gulf Islands Private Investigator

Solving crime, on island time. 


Ex-cop, Auggie Reed, takes on petty cases from his unusual island community to pay for repairs on his liveaboard boat. 


Auggie Reed is a former RCMP officer who bought his dream boat on Pender Island a month before the detachment decided to transfer him to the Yukon. Loving the island life, Auggie quit the force and now lives on his trawler, The Stubbed Towhee, which is in dire need of repair. To keep the boat afloat, Auggie reluctantly takes on the locals’ petty cases as G.I.P.I.: Gulf Islands Private Investigator, solving crime, on island time. All cases too small. 


G.I.P.I. is a live action scripted comedic detective series consisting of 10 x half hour episodes per season with a target primetime adult audience.​


Set in present day, but with a nod in style and tone to the great 70s detective series formats, G.I.P.I. is like Curb Your Enthusiasm meets The Rockford Files.

Created By: Carrie Wheeler & Jaman Lloyd

Pilot Episode/Proof of Concept filmed.

Season 1 Series Bible complete.

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